July 26, 2016 marked a day to be remembered for all Penangites as the Komtar Geodesic Dome was being rejuvenated to house an all new attraction in Penang, Tech Dome. This prominent venue was the first initiative by the Penang Government to improve knowledge in science as well as technological know-how among Penangites as well as fellow Malaysians. The Geodesic Dome had lost its allure over the years but has since been revitalised with flocks of visitors visiting the new Tech Dome.

Tech Dome is divided into three zones, the Main Gallery, Exploration Zone and PIXO Observatory. All three zones are housed within the Geodesic Dome itself and if you are a local, you will be amazed at how much has changed inside the dome.

The Main Gallery houses the Life Tech area, Force and Motion, Electromagnetism, Robotics, Information Technology and Optics exhibits. Life Tech provides an overview on how the human body works and what are the available technologies to help keep people healthy. Force and Motion explores Newton’s Law. Electromagnetism gives visitors the chance to understand what electrons are and what is magnetism. Robotics is one of the more exciting areas where kids can tinker and play with robots. In the Information Technology corner, visitors learn about how electronic components work and how systems interact with each other. Optics sees visitors understanding the chemistry of light and how it interacts with our eyes.

Kids visiting Tech Dome will love the Exploration Zone as they get to play games and activities which stimulate kids to think, explore and play while learning about science at the same time. This zone aims to

For kids that visit the tech dome. The exploration zone is where kids get to play games and activities which help the kids to think, explore and play while learning what sciences is all about. This area helps to promote evoke kids curiosity towards science.

Star Gazers should not miss the PIXO Observatory. Visitors get to use a telescope to observe the stars. While it’s not a science centre, the Tech Dome does provide a fun learning experience for both adults and children alike.

Child (90CM-130CM) RM85 RM85
Student (with valid student ID) RM125 RM125
Adult (Above 130CM) RM160 RM160

Child (below 5 years) RM0 RM0
Child (below 12 years) RM30 RM15
Student (13 years and above with student ID) RM40 RM20
Adult (13 years and above) RM50 RM25
Senior Citizen (60 years and above) RM24 RM12
Family (2 adults, 2 children) RM130 RM65





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